Services for you

At Scholaire, we provide everything you need to get your business up and running and keep it strong for as long as you need. We make sure that we do our utmost to help make your website/project as efficient and as cost effective as is humanly possible. We work with you from start to completion, listening to your needs, but also offering expert advice and experience for you to consider throughout the process.

Iron Speed Designer Consulting & Training
We are qualified consultants, developers and trainers. If you want your company to use Iron Speed Designer to create fast and reliable web applications, why not give us a call?  We are sure that our years of using the product to build an ever-expanding number of real-world applications will prove invaluable to your custom application endeavors!
Software Development
You can rely on our designers, developers and programmers to deliver. These guys are smart! We ensure they have the best equipment and software tools to deliver quality tested software on time and on budget. We manage the whole project and track progress daily so you can see exactly where we are at any time.
System Design
We pride ourselves on having some really smart developers that understand the really technical stuff and can architect, design, develop, and deliver quality solutions across the different systems that make up a fully fledged web application (including the database server, web server, administration, reporting, web services, etc...).
Database Design
All efficient data applications require a well-structured and well-designed database to store the data from any different sources. Of course its also important that you can get to your data in a fast, meaningful way. Our database experts live and breath database designs (SQL Server if your are interested), so getting the right design for you is "all in a day's work". Need to import or migrate your data into SQL? - No problem!
We offer a first-class consultancy service focused on your business. We want to hear your concerns and problems and work with you to create great applications that solve your business problems.
Back Office Integration
What ever your front end is doing, you will need to reconcile and integrate it with your back end systems. We have a great deal of experience with and understanding of business practices and work flows, so we can mold back end systems to fit your way of working.